Need hormones for my family supported MTF


Dear Myranda,

I have changed my e-mail address..please keep in contact with me at my new address. i have begun living as Myranda on a full time basis..I haven’t started any hormones or anything but I’ve decided to start my year of living as a woman now, I hope this will count towards my requirements…I have total support of my family and work is accepting it well. I have been wearing my dresses and wearing make-up to work and I have my nails done…I feel wonderful.I am SOOO happy!!! I’ve conquered all my fears and have been accepted by all. I’m so happy and proud of myself. Thank you for all your help.Pleases continue to mail me and guide me.You have given me the courage to be myself.  Mryrana L.

Dear Myranda,

We do hormones.  A letter of therapy clearance is required by a licensed
therapist with a doctoral degree.  Our fee is 250 for consultation, and 600
per year to follow you with needed lab tests, office visits, prescriptions,
counselling, numerous telephone calls, and medical records documentation.
The 600 fee is payable whenever you wish to start on hormones.

Lab tests are an out of pocket expense as is the medication.  We may
recommend a laboratory, but you can have them done at a nationally recognized
laboratory of your choice.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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