Hormones and Male to Female Surgery

Dr. Reed,

Do i have to be on hormones to get male to female surgery?


Good morning V,

While female hormones and testosterone blockers are recommended as an ideal step preceding surgery to be sure you are comfortable with secondary sex characteristics, we have had several patients who present extremely effeminate already who have never taken hormones nor do we insist that they start.them. Remember the National Institute of Health is saying estrogens for people over 55 could be coagulopathic and as such is not advised routinely. As you may know most transgender surgeons recommend their patients be off of estrogens for one month before surgery, because they are coagulopathic.

We also have older men with some feminine qualities because of testicular atrophy, and others who simply want to have their male organs removed. One recently is living in a very rural conservative part of Tennessee and is seeking to avoid conflict and hostilities from his neighbors. All have letters of therapy clearance written by knowledgeable therapists with doctoral degrees as this is irreversible surgery.

Most important I want to be assured the likelihood of remorse is exceeding low, that you are mentally stable, and
will be a happier and more productive person as a result of your transition.

Hoping this answers your question.

All the best,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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