How long does it take to qualify for your sexual vaginoplasty promotion?

Dr. Reed, My therapist of 4 years has called me to mention she has seen your vaginoplasty promotion offer for $8,500.  I am given to understand there are 5 positions open at that price.  What is required to qualify.  Denise

Dear Denise,

Very simply send us an Email to and tell us about your interest, your name, phone number and address, and we’ll send out a packet of information.  The qualifications are spelled out in an attachment called “Mallory” named after one of our first patients.  Simply put, you need to be medically qualified for outpatient overnight surgery, have good height weight confirmation, and 2 letters of therapy clearance written by therapist with a doctoral degree.

Please look at before and after photos of our male, to female sex change vaginoplasty results on


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  |  Miami


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