I want everything male removed

Hey I am Taylor I am interested in male to female transgender surgery next 6 months or sooner. I want to have everything male removed because I hate my side I live in Australia  Will I still be orgasmic and will I be moist.  How will it look, would like to see some before and after male to female sex change photos.

Dear Taylor,

Before and after male to female sex change photos can be seen on our web-site  Hope you like what you see.  Virtually all of our patients except 2 (an inveterate smoker and a diabetic in poor control) have been orgasmic. I’ve gotten calls at 3 AM “Dr. Reed, I’ve just had my first orgasm.”  Expect some vaginal lubrication with our urethral eversion vulva technique.  May need to be supplemented with oral sex or KY jelly.

We have had visitors from Australia and New Zealand. Please Email or call us for further information and in the mean time I’ll send you detailed information including how to get ready.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Everted urethral vulva provides vaginal moisture

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