Is my clitoris too high

Dr. Reed, Is there such a thing as a Clitoroplasty?  Had a Transgender Vaginoplasty 3 years ago and although orgasmic, always thought that maybe clitoris should be lower.  Can this be corrected?


Dear Madeline,

Reviewed your photos and please see some of our results on  Whereas a penis is an infrapubic structure, the clitoris is really a perineal feature.  Belongs on your bottom.  Or 30 degrees lower.  Usually the clitoris can be undermined and attached to the vulva. At that time you may wish to approximate the upper labia majora for a mirror image parenthesis look, instead of a U formation.

Been there, done that.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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After Labiaplasty and Clitoroplasty

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