Is Transgender Vaginoplasty Covered by Insurance

Dr. Reed,

Have seen your work on asd well as heard about you from friends who were happy with their results.

Will my insurance pay for transsexual vaginoplasty.  Madison

Dear Madison,

Please call the client services department and ask.  Since Medicare took the big step and covered “medically necessary” vaginoplasty other insurance companies have stepped up to the plate.  More important is you look at our before and after transgender pictures and that you are reassured by what you see.

To obtain maximum reimbursement, it is important that all the various procedure codes covering each step are itemized on your bill.  We will work with you, to make your dreams come true, even though we may not be contracted providers with your specific company.  Ask them about “out of network” benefits.  We’ll lower our fees.  You get the check


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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