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Dear Dr. Reed,  I am seeking a Labiaplasty  Was done about 5 years ago, am a professional dancer, and I am shy because it does not look natural.  Looks like scrotal tissue drooping down.   Please look at my photos and give me an idea what it would cost to be a “turn-on.”


Dear Kaitlyn,  Saw your photos and you have diagnosed your situation correctly.  I am assuming the vaginal access is easy and the urinary stream, comes straight down without deflection.  Don’t see a clitoral body.  Are you sensate and orgasmic?    Please look at our web-site for photos of our work.  Hope you like what your see

The removal of the excessive labia tissue is fairly simple and straightforward and the cost is vey minimal in that we could probably do you under local.  You’ll dance again and be recognized as an exciting performer.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold M. Reed | Miami

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