Labiaplasty Needed for Shallow Sunken Labia Majora

Labiaplasty needed

Dr. Reed,

Had an MTF vaginoplasty elsewhere and my labia are shallow.  What can you do to plump them up?


Dear Yahni,

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Sometimes during primary surgery the surgeon may forget to grasp and/or preserve the scrotal and infra pubic fat pedicle and bring them down and secure their new position with a strong but absorbable suture.

If this was not done, they may have been amputated or retracted upwards.  If you see a globe of fat that ends in your inguinal area and the labia look “caved in”, this usually can be corrected.  The fat mass has to be freed (both superficially under the skin and below the mass itself) so a pedicle of fat usually about an inch of so wide can be brought down and sutured in place along the introitus.  Another technique is liposuction transfer but this may be more prone to re-absorption, irregular contours and fibro-fatty nodules.  Lastly I and some doctors have used a dermal fat graft, but this requires a transverse lower abdominal or pubic incision to harvest this tissue, so I would try to avoid that unless you need a tummy tuck.

Hoping this is of help.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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