Labiaplasty - MTF Surgery


Labiaplasty is offered to women with excessive, redundant labia who suffer from unsightly contour lines and physical discomfort. Such women report pinching or chafing when sitting or walking, hindrance during intromission, and difficulty maintaining hygiene during menses or after defecation.

Overly pigmented and excessive labia minora can reduced with one of 2 techniques, parallel trim or V-plasty (wedge resection). The V-plasty will reduce a tendency to ruffles and corrugation, but the arms of the V may be similarly as wide as before surgery, so the ear like flap will still persist. The edges of V-resections brought together under tension may re-open. This is an untoward result, leaving 2 labia on the involved side. For this reason, our approach is to emphasize parallel reduction, to include pre-marking before anesthetic is injected and seeking patient approval of the intended line of resection.

Pre–operative expectations are discussed in a relaxed environment. Reassurance regarding normal variation is provided. Areas of intended excision are delineated for patient approval with hand held mirror.

Surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis. Sexual activity may be resumed in 6 weeks. Excessive clitoral hood tissue may also be trimmed during this procedure as requested and is covered by our comprehensive fee.

Fee starting at $3,000 for labiaplasty surgery.


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