Legal letters after Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Reed After my vaginoplasty or orchiectomy will I get legal letters confirming that my gender change is official?

Barbara Ann

Dear Barbara Ann,

Yes, of course.  Please determine at this time where you want those letters sent and any specifics that may be required by your state or federal government. These letters are prepared on our letterhead and notarized, with an acceptance rate of virtually 100%.  The first time these letters are issued, this is done gratis, and most usually ready for you to pick up at the office before you return home.  That way you can verify everything is done as you wish. Typical  agencies seeking letters relate to driver’s license, birth certificate, social security, passport, place of employment, etc.  Whatever is needed.  We do it all… work excuses and “back to work” clearance.

Copies are also posted in your chart.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami




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