Letters of therapy clearance for my male to female sex change vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,  What exactly are you looking for in  a letter from my therapist approvijng me for MTF vaginoplastyy?  Nahomy

Dear Nahomy,

Thank you for your continued interest in what we do. We are follow the former guidelines of WPATH, World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

For orchiectomy or feminizing vaginoplasty which is irreversible surgery, we need 2 letters of therapy clearance.  At one time, one of the letters had to be written by a therapist with a doctoral degree.  We still adhere to that concept but will make exception of one of the therapists is a graduate of a focused seminar program such as one offered by Drs. Carol Clark and Dr. Marilyn Volker  in Miami (therapists in South Florida).

1. The letter should be written on a professional letterhead.

2. In the first paragraph, the therapist should introduce himself/herself and provide some background about his/her training, etc.

3. That the likelihood of patient remorse or regret having had surgery is extremely low or remote.

4. That the patient is mentally/emotionally stable

5. Towards the end of the letter the therapist has to say (words to this effect) I recommend, I endorse, I approve, Katelyn would be an excellent candidate for feminzing vaginoplasty (not intersex surgery) . Not Katelyn has a good head on her shoulders, she knows what to do.  That the procedure is medically necessary.

6. At least one letter has to be written by a therapist with a doctoral degree (exceptions may be made)..

7. One letter is a comprehensive letter which details your psychological background, pertinent medical history , any adjustment problems, etc.

8. The second letter is a letter of concurrence (more simple).

9. Lastly, the therapist or psychiatrist has to say, I would welcome a call from Dr. Reed, if there are any questions or concerns.

If you have difficulty obtaining such letters we have a list of therapists in Florida all with doctoral degrees, and you can confer with them and check out fees, etc. They do the evaluation and write such letters routinely.

Hoping this is of help. Please feel free to call me at any time if I may be of more service.

Have a productive work week,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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