Looking for MTF financial assistance

Dear Dr. Reed,  Missed out of your promotion earlier this year.  Remember when my therapist Carol called you in April, you said “all gone.”  Are you having a similar promotion for this year.  I’ll be ready.  I know you need another woman in the room and I’ll be bringing Andrea from Utah.


Dear Serena,

Yes, for 2016 we’ve already started to hint at our promotion slogan.  Don’t be surprised, “the first 16 in 2016.”.

More important is that you visit our web-site and can relate to the photos.
You have a goal, we have a mission. Please initiate a consultation with our office by calling…

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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  1. Dear doctor
    I am Algerian trans.i’ve started auto hormanal therapy and it was i need a sec réasignement surgery but unfortunatly this is impossible here in algeria,so i really need your help. Please help me doctor.

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