Male to female hormones

We provide prescriptions for male to female hormones as well as female to male.  We request that the patient be 18 years or older.  Reasonable exception has been made with parental approval.  A letter from a therapist with a doctoral degree is needed as the changes may not easily be reversed and risks and side effects must be disclosed.  Prior to prescribing hormones, blood tests need to be obtained to assure normal liver function

Estrogens can cause liver dysfunction, gallbladder disease, and  be coagulopathic (cause deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, coronary events, and strokes.)  As a rule your breast size will become one cup smaller than your mother or sister.  You may wish to later supplement your “home grown” enhancement with breast implant surgery (augmentation mammaplasty.

Testosterone can produce coagulopathy by over-enriching the blood and liver dysfunction as well.  Whereas testosterone will lower the voice, estrogens given to someone who already has a low adult masculine voice will not alter pitch.  There are vocal therapists who can help to retrain your voice as well as laryngeal surgery.  Testoraone may increase libido, produce an overly aggressive psyche, increase muscle mass, and of course stimulate male hair growth as well as male pattern baldness, and clitoral growth.

Once blood test baselines are established, interval testing every 3 months initially is advised to ensure stability.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre – Miami

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