Male to Female surgery cost for vaginoplasty and breast implants

Dr. Reed, why are your Male to Female Surgery costs lower than other transgendert surgeons  in the United States?


Dear Geraldine,

Our Male to Female Vaginoplasty fee as published on our web-site is $14,500 and occasionally we do have promotional offers.  Doctors who own their surgery center, as we do, can be very accommodating on fees.  When a businessman or hospital is involved, everyone’s got a hand in your pocket. Our affordable comprehensive fees include surgery, anesthesia, supplies used in the operating room, use of the facility, an overnight stay with 2 shifts of RN’s and myself in attendance, daily visits for usually 7 to 9 days and any followup care we provide in the next 2 months.   Please compare and contrast with other offices.  There are many experienced and qualified transgender surgeons especially in the US doing good work.

You may wish to see our gallery of before and after transsexual photos on  Global fee for breast implants are 5000 for saline breast implants and 6000 for silicone breast implants.

Accessibility to your surgeon is also important.  You don’t want prompts, music on hold, info-merciials, long waiting times, an answering service, etc.  You’ll be provided with direct access phone numbers including cell phone and back line.

Happy and Healthy New Year,


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centro for Transgender Surgery – Miami

3/1 Pre-op

Breast implant, before photo (patient of Dr. Reed)

Breast implant, after photo


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