Male to Female Surgery promotion

Dr. Reed,  Will your Male to Female Surgery promotion be available for 2018?  I need an affordable vaginoplasty  This is the first year my employer will allow me to take off 6 months. How much Vaginal Depth may I expect?


Dear Nyomi,

Our 2016 Male to Female Surgery promotion is for transgender women who are contemplating surgery this year.  We may be able to book patents for the first part of 2017, but certainly 2018 is premature.  You have told me you are a makeup artist and stand on your feet all day long.  Even so, we have done makeup artists, beauticians, and hair stylists.  Most patients similarly employed can return to work about 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

You may wish to try other resources who will give you now a fixed price for 2018. Anticipated vaginal depth achieved in surgery corresponds to your height in feet converted to inches plus inches above that fractioned over 12.  So if you are 5′ 6″ you can anticipate a depth of 5 inches plus 6/12’s or 5 and 1/2 inches.  If you are above 6 feet tall, think more like 6 inches.  The reason being during creation of the space I do not want to enter your peritoneal or abdominal cavity.

We have noted patients who slowly apply pressure during dilating sessions after removal of the vaginal packing (1st week after surgery) can extend their depth often by an inch or more.  Remember in the operating room you can’t say “ouch.”  But when you’re dilating at home you have a much better idea as to how to proceed safely. Also your dilators (that we provide) are marked with dots denoting 1/2″ increments.  If you cannot see clearly with the stent in, after removal look at the portion lubricated, occasionally tinted with slight oozing.  This will tell you how well you have done,  We also prescribe numbing creams and jellies to facilitate dilation which is always somewhat uncomfortable initially during the first and second week post-op.

Below is a photo of one of our patients practicing dilation.  See also a photo of the newer stents with the dots.



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