Male-To-Female – The Reed Transgender Center

The goal of Male-to-Female surgery at the Reed Transgender Centre is to provide a Vaginoplasty and Breast Augmentation which is aesthetically attractive and affordable. The result should be functional and permits effortless intromission with lubrication and full orgasmic potential. This means crafting a vaginal vault of sufficient depth, a sensate and hooded clitoris, good labial cleavage with a moist vulva, a pleasing labia majora with a defined anterior and posterior commissure, and some semblance of labia minora whenever possible. Stents of graduated sizes maintain what was originally accomplished in the operating room, and can provide additional depth when employed gently and persistently during recovery.  Before and after pictures are posted on our web-site

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed for Transgender Surgery – Miami



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