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Dear Dr. Reed,  My therapist has recommended you becasue of your Vaginiplasty Promotion in Miami.  She has know a few patient you have done and who were happy with their edxperience.  To the point, what can you do for me.  Chevi


Dear Chevi,

Every patient who considers us  is an opportunity to provide the most cosmetic, comfortable, and functional vaginoplasty ever.  We have had so many wonderful and beautiful ladies here since 2003, inside and out. Truly, one half of our practice comes from patients who refer their friends.  As you know, it all begins with an extensive telephone consultation in which we get to review your medical history, and verify you would be an acceptable low risk patient.  If emphasis needs to be placed in certain areas, such as weight gain or weight loss, anticipate this will be discussed as well.

Our special promotion for the month of May is Vaginoplasty Surgery… $6,000.  Don’t be surprised…  we own our facility.  Yes, expect an added anesthesia and facility fee, but so much less than elsewhere.  We invite you to compare and contrast.,  There are many excellent surgeons out there,  Some of our patients send us cards every year of the anniversary.  Yes, there is reason to celebrate.  Antiipate that we are going to fuss over you, Don’t be surprised if your therapist calls you as well because we have sent out about 1500 letters across the United States.  See our web-site for before and after photos…  Hope you like what you see.

Call Anne our amiable office manager (se habla espanaol) for details.  She is the maker of deals and the brains behind pa.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  –  Miami

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