Male to Female Vaginal Surgery More Financial Assistance Needed| Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, If you can do surgery for $4000, I’ll just squeak by.  What do you say?  You’ l  make a friend for life.


Dear Chevi,

Yes.  We have spoken and I am touched by your sincerity and sensibilities.  Remember you need some contingency funds for travel, room supplies, anesthesia, and the possibility of followup care.  We don’t charge, but a doctor in your home town may charge for taking out sutures for example.  Please see our web-site for some inspirational before and after  photos

Please call Anne at the office, and I’ll tell her to expect your call as well.

Have a sunny and happy day,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery


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