MTF 20 years ago. Orgasmic but without clitoris

Hello Dr.Reed,
I have a question that has been bugging me.  I had SRS about 20 years ago and they did not construct a clitoris.

I had a penile inversion technique and i can actually orgasm by rubbing on the area slightly above the Urethra where the nerves are. I climax and i get an ejaculation of clear fluid. Obviously the nerves are still intact though I dont have a clitoris.

Do you think there is anyway I may be able to reconstruct a clitoris.   I would really like to have one that is above my skin.   I was thinking perhaps the FGM method may work.

Do you have any thoughts ?


December 25, 2015

Good morning Katrina

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As you know most contemporary MTF doctors will modify the glans penis to form a neo-clitoris which provides the advantages of maintaining nerve and vascular supply.  The technique for FGM reversal is based upon removing scar tissue over the clitoris and if needed advancing the clitoral body to aid in its exteriorization.  In that you do not have a clitoral remnant this technique would not be applicable.

I am thinking at this time you may consider a dermal fat graft to form a clitoral body. probably it would not have the anticipated pigmentation at the glans level,.but could look more feminine, as the clitoral body and sulci (grooves along side) is a very defining feature of natal women.  We have had some experience with dermal-fat grafts to elevate labia majora.

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