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Thanks for visiting our web-site regarding your breast augmentation.  Please look at our web-site under “photographic examples” for our most recent results.  We trust this is what you had in mind.


Breast are perhaps the most defining feature of femininity, whether you are 50 feet away or a lot closer than that.

They should look natural and not be overly large. We use the Tebbetts’ formula to determine the appropriate size. That is large breast prostheses can only be put in if there is enough home grown breast tissue to cover.  Also please keep in mind, very large breasts, natural or prosthetic, are prone to droop in 6 years or so, and you’ll be back on the table for a lift.  These incision lines as contrasted with a small initial incision are not all that pretty.

So if you have enough natural breast mass to cover the implant fine, if not you will have a protruding implant peeking around the edges of your natural breast, called “double bubble.”   We can consider a high profile implant with greater projection for any given volume with a smaller base.


Consultation is $250 and our otherwise all inclusive fee for saline implants is $5,000   That includes general anesthesia, use of the facility, surgery fee, the implants, and any followup care I provide.

Preparation for surgery:

Within 10 days before surgery, all patients are required to have these blood tests: a CBC, PT, PTT, and platelet count. Our lab fee is $100, but you could have this done in your home town perhaps more reasonably.

All patients with a medical history especially involving the heart, blood pressure, lungs, diabetes, etc. or if over 40 are required to obtain a letter of medical clearance with reference to an EKG and chest X-ray.obtained within 1 week to 10 days of your scheduled procedure.

No aspirin or aspirin products, no anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin, Advil, Alleve, or Cox 2 inhibitors such as Celebrex or Vioxx for 2 weeks before surgery. No Vitamin E or excessive alcohol or spices for a week before surgery as this may promote bruising.  Bruising can be reduced (many believe) with Bromelain 500 mg 1 twice a day, Arnica montana dose 30C (take 4 small tablets sublingually, 4 times a day), vitamin C 500 mg (3 times a day) starting 1 week before surgery. Do take these medications unless there are specific reasons why you choose not to and let’s discuss it beforehand.

If for any reason, despite tight scheduling arrangements and eager anticipation of being converted, you have contracted an illness such as a flu like syndrome with coughing, sore throat, fever, or diarrhea, please reschedule allowing a good two weeks for recovery. These things happen and we are very sympathetic. Surely we do not want any patient with a very recent cold to have general anesthesia. If you have gained weight, please advise as we may have to postpone surgery.

If you are a smoker, you must stop completely  for 2 months before surgery and please never again.  Smoking causes vaso-spasm, impairs wound healing, produces excessive scarring, tissue necrosis, irritates and inflames pulmonary membranes and enhances anesthetic risk.

This goes also for any products containing nicotine or nicotine like agents including nicorette gum, nicotine patches, Nicotrol inhalers, and second hand smoke. Again not for 8 weeks before and not for 8 weeks afterwards.  Hopefully never again.

Obtain one pair of anti-embolism thigh high stockings. T.E.D. (by Futuro) or Jobst are common brand names. Yes, do try these on before you come here to be sure they fit comfortably. If you wash or dry them in a hot cycle, they may never fit properly again. So best not to wash them at all until after surgery.

You will also be required to purchase a Design Veronique (we call it a “cross my heart bra”), but this a very convenient and inexpensive way to keep your implants where they need to be.  We’ll order that for you when you arrive, or take one out of stock. (# 510-X Versatile Stabilizing Breast Wrap, Latex Free)   You may call 510-970-7990.  Has adjustable velcro straps, one size fits all.

Please be sure both left and right index finger nails are not covered with nail polish or artificial fingernails. We need to see a pink nail bed for an accurate pulse oxymetry (oxygen level monitoring during anesthesia).

Please keep up with a good fluid intake the day before surgery.

Nothing by mouth after midnight unless otherwise instructed.  Do not shave yourself as we will do that for you.

A typical scenario is consultation on day one,surgery the following day.  We recommend you stay at a nearby motel such as the Daddy O hotel one block away (305-868-4141).  Mention my name for some discount.

Post-op instructions.

Take your antibiotics and pain meds (cautiously) as needed.  Push your implants down and medically several times a day  Lots of fluids.  Call our office 24/7 with any concerns.

So for example if you are out of town, have consultation on Monday, breast augmentation on Tuesday, please see us ideally on Thursday before
your departure.

We would consider it a great honor to be looking after you and be assured we will show you every courtesy.

With best wishes for a Happy Year,

Harold M. Reed, M.D. FICS
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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