MTF gender dysphoria patient seeks Grant

I have been preop MTF for 18+ years. I have been on hormone therapy for that time as well. When first transitioning back in 1988 I was officially diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria Syndrome, and designated as a candidate for SRS/GRS by the attending Psychologist and Psychiatrist and my referring physician, after psychological testing and evaluation. I still have the letters and documentation from them.
I have not been in a position to have any type of cosmetic surgery. I was at a point back in 1995 that I had saved enough to start looking for a Surgeon, but became injured in a vehicle accident and was out of work for almost a year, and had to have alot of physical therapy and spinal adjustments. This unfortunate event drained nearly all that I had saved..Since that time it has been a struggle to even save beyond my monthly expenses let alone to have the surgery..As I am closely approaching 40 and not yet having the surgery, has become more and more of a consumption upon me psychologically, emotionally, and physically..When looking over your website and reading more about Dr. Reed, I noticed mention of a grant program and how Dr.Reed helped those with economic hardship..

I would also like more information on Dr. Reed also accepting indigent (economically challenged) patients. Ashlee

Dear Ashlee,

Yes we will endeavor to help you.  I assume you are medically qualified for transgender vaginoplasty.  In that we own our state approved office based surgery center we can markedly reduce the facility charges associated with hospitals.  Please understand there are out of pocket expenses, such as travel, hotel stay, food medications and the like.  While we are not subsidized by the government, we still can be sympathetic.

Please approach other experienced transgender surgeons both here and abroad to see what they offer.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami




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