What MTF Procedure Do I Have First?

Dear Dr. Reed,

I am early in my transition, having been living as a woman for about 2 years. Should I have vaginoplasty, simply orchiectomy, or breast implants first?


Dear Sheila,

The decision is totally yours. Cost may be a factor and that is why we have a promotional offer for the needy, “the first 16 in 2016.” You may wish to call Anne at the office for special pricing. Our web-site displays many photographic examples of our work, and yes we are very fussy. But beyond that you will receive accessibility
and good followup. No infomericials, no music on hold, no prompts (number after number), no prolonged hold times. The Reed Centre is 100% about service.

Of the 3 procedures, an orchiectomy is the least expensive (2,500). The benefits are to reduce genital bulging, reduce your estrogen intake by about 1/3, and discontinuing T blockers such as spironolactone. If you are on estrogens(proper dosage) you should obtain breast growth, typically one cup size smaller than your mom or sister. Having beautiful and shapely breasts is a defining feature of femininity.
We use the Tebbetts’s formula which helps us to select a size appropriate for you. We favor the sub pectoral (under the muscle or dual plane) approach. Saline implants are less expansive and are inflated after insertion via a small tube which is ultimately removed. Symmetry and perfect volume is best achieved. Your home grown breast are “sisters, they are not twins.” There may be subtle differences in size. Under the muscle I doubt there is any palpable difference between silicone and saline.

Vaginoplasty will enable you to have penetrating sex, if this is you foremost concern. You can always return for breast augmentation later.

Hoping this is of help,
Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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