My medical needs are simple

June 14, 2015

Hi Dr. Reed,

I have been on the hormone treatment for quite some time now.  I have been using them since 2010 I am 22 yrs old and in very desperate need of my vagina now, today.    Please don’t shun me like the rest have before both friends and professionals.
Questions:Well my medical needs are real simple I need my vagina now.  I do not have a great income.  I only see about $879 a month and that is not enough money to work with especially with my bills.  I really would appreciate a speedy response to this message.  I know that it was said that the surgery would cost up to $5000 dollars but in the job I hold with many discriminations and short hours it could take me a lifetime to try and save up that amount of money in my current condition with a penis.  Now if I already had my vagina I would earn this amount in no time.  So what I am asking for from Doctor Reed is the lowest amount of money it would take for him to do the operation until I could pay him the rest later.  I would like it if he would set up a payment plan with me and do the surgery by no later than September 8, 2015.  I desperately need this done and I will be on my road to success and happiness finally.  I know that the surgery isn’t going to solve anything but the physical and mental anguish, however that’s more than enough for what I need to start fresh over.  Thank you in advance from LaMichelle

Dear LaMichelle,

Please call Anne, our amiable office manager and perhaps you ladies will work out a compassionate discount.

Bear in mind  you have to be completely paid up before surgery and you will need about 1,500 for travel and hotel expenses.  You will also need another female to be present in your room, especially when I see you.

50% of our patients come in with a sponsor.  Could be a family member, friend, significant other, church group, business partner.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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