My therapist has recommended you for your 2016 vaginoplasty grant

Dr. Reed,  My therapist in Tampa knows of you, although she has recently retired and recommended that I Email you for your vaginoplasty grant.  She has prepare a letter for me and I can fax you a copy.


Dear Rachel,

There are a few really great therapists in the Tampa – St. Petersburg area.  I will be happy to review her letter and if you’ll provide a call back number and answer a few simple questions such as your age, height, weight, and current medications, I can give you an idea of what we can do.  Every year we have late-comers that seek to “back date” our offer which is the first 16 in 2016.  To be included you will have to initiate a consultation and if qualified send in a non-refundable deposit to secure a date.  Any preliminary discussion of fees is only good for 2 weeks.  So when you ready, contact us.

Please view our web-site for an electrolysis diagram and photos of what we can do.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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