Need Financial Help for MTF (male to female) Vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,  Need financial assistance for MTF vaginoplasty.  Work for a home improvement store chain, basically stocking. While they are very tolerant of my transgender situation, the salary is marginal.  Is there anything special you can do?  Sabrina

Dear Sabrina,

If you cannot afford transgender surgery, we may be able to help.  Please call Anne at the office on weekdays. Think of it as a vaginoplasty grant.  In the meantime send us an Email with your name, and phone number, and we’ll send you a ;packet of information.  We know how important it is to be complete down below.  We have been doing male to female sex change vaginoplasties and vaginoplasty revisions since 2003, and now offer a one stage procedure.

Please visit our web-site and look at before and after pictures of vaginoplasty.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  Miami

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