Need some economic help to achieve transsexual MTF vaginoplasty

Dear Dr. Reed,   52yr old TS needing an affordable transsexual vaginoplasty with some health issues. Hep C (low viral load of 24000) being the biggest. With hormones Injections affecting my liver and a young 7yr old daughter to care for. With the situation with my age, health, the economy and current life issues. My chances of ever having all the funds needed to compleat my transition are slipping away before my eyes. I deeply desires your help. Im at 3yrs. on HRT in the care of Dr. Tanya Murray of Seattle WA. over 3yrs living fulltime and almost 3yrs at Seattle Counseling Center for counseling. In other words I have met and exceede the Standards of Care accordingly. However! During the latter part of the last year or so I have also been a fulltime disabled parent living on SSI. I was to be paid a Settlement from SSI. I even made plans to travel to Bangkok for SRS. Now I have been told that this money will only be issued over a long period of time. Roughly 2yrs total. Nonetheless. I dont have the money to finish my transition.
Not wishing to ask for charity. But! If it is within your abilitys to assist me by, lets say finance my SRS by letting me either paying you small payments or signing a contract with you to transfering my settlement payments to you. The amount of the settlement is 8000+ dollars. There will no doubt be a short fall of funds. This I could pay monthly if given the chance. I woul gladly work in trade if my skills permitted. In fact I am ready to sell my soul to you just to reach this goal. And lets not consider that my daughter deserves a loving, happy, complet and mentaly stable parent. Can/Will you help?      Humbly and Sincerly yours


Dear Melissa,

Yes, we do transgender MTF vaginoplasty for ;people such as yourself.  Hep C in good control is not a contraindication. A  viral of 24,000 copies per ml is considered low..  Many of our patients have an undetectable viral load.  Would be interested in conferring with your Hep C specialist.

Looking at your letter I see you are endowed with good social skills and we will work together with you and a sponsor who will assist in part to meet a reduced and compassionate fee.  Sponsors could be a family member, friend, spouse, business partner, or church group.  You may wish to show them before and after photos of transsexuals our web-site

I think unless you initiate a consultation on the phone and we have a clearer medical history it is premature to discuss to discuss fees and scheduling for transgender vaginoplasty.  However, we are flattered you are seeking our help and will try to assist you.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

One of our transgender vaginoplasty patients practicing daily dilation

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