Needs vaginal deepening and labiaplasty revision after surgery done elsewhere

Dear Dr. Reed,

I recently emailed you advising that I had SRS MTF surgery. I asked about vaginal deepening procedures and labiaplasty. You wanted me to come in to your office. I will be in the Miami SOuth Beach area 03-28-2016 until 04-04-2016 I I wanted to know if i can come into your office then, please email me back or call to verify appt dt and time !!!!!!

How you heard about us:


Good afternoon Elledria,

We have published an article a few months ago on vaginal deepening and the results are encouraging.  The essential feature is to continue dilations aggressively post-operatively regardless oif who does your surgery.

Labiaplasies… we have been doing for over 12 years, and some aspects are to remove unsightly scars, bringing a fat pad dominance symmetrically into each side to achieve more pleasing labia majora, reduce, relocate and hood the clitoris, show more pink, lower the urethral opening, removing prolapsing vaginal tissue, define the labia minora more, remove any urethral spongiosum rest (tissue that swells when you are aroused.

Hoping this is of help,

Harold M. Reed, M.D
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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