No rectal sex, butt? Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Male to Female

Dr. Reed,  I understand after sex change MTF vaginoplasty you say rectal sex is to be avoided as this may potentiate a rectal vaginal fistula.  How about vaginal penetration with the man behind, so called “doggy style”?Jeanette

Dear Jeanette,

Yes and yes.  Even natal women can have vaginal trauma and tears with aggressive sex especially if the partner is “over” endowed.  Helpful are dilation 3 times a day using a stent size that is 1.5 inches in diameter and maybe the use of vaginal estrogen creams such as Estrace.  One of my patients is being charged only $25 a tube by CVS with insurance.  All sex (intromission) should proceed slowly and cautiously.

The entrance way to your vagina (the introitus) like in a natal female should be approachable from behind.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery |  Miami

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