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Thank you for your interest in what we do, several orchiectomies every month.

Some women in our community choose bilateral orchiectomy prior to or instead of vaginoplasty.

We remove both testes via a singular 1″ vertical midline incision which permits high ligation of the cord, No tootsie roll.

Among the advantages are the feminzing effects, discontinuation of a testosterone blocker and reduction of estrogens by a third.  Our fee for orchiectomy is 2,500 which includes local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility, surgery and any followup care I provide.  The initial consultation is 250 and provides for many telephone calls, review of medical records, E-mail exchanges and your initial visit to the office.

Anticipate pre-op lab work and a letter of medical clearance.  If you are over 40, an EKG report and tracing are needed.

You will also be credited with a 1000 discount towards future vaginioplasty
with us in addition to any other individual consideration offered at the time.

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