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Good morning Dr. Reed,  Ready for a bilateral orchiectomy.  Have been living in Las Vegas as a woman for 3 years, Use the ladies restroom, passed very well, occasionally dance.  Please tell me all that is needed and the cost.  How long would I have to stay in Miami.  Have a friend who is similarly interested.  Do you provide all the legal documents for name change, drivers, license, birth certificate, passport, etc.

I think if you met me, you would like me.  More than ready I’m overdue for this preliminary change. Sinnika

Dear Sinnika,

Allow me to Email you a packet of information which explains the qualifying steps.  As this is irreversible surgery, you may wish to sperm bank, but regardless in our practice we need 2 letters of therapy clearance written by therapists with doctoral degrees.  The longer you’ve been living as a woman with good assimilation and no emotional conflicts, the less likely you need therapy.  Essentially the letters say you are emotionally stable, tell the age of ideation and that the likelihood of remorse is very low, that orchiectomy is medically necessary, and lastly that I am invited to confer with the therapist as needed.

Our orchiectomy fees are about the most affordable in the US, consultation 250 a one time charge to open folder, review all medical data, letters, and lab work, numerous Email exchanges and telephone calls. Orchiectomy to include local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the operating room, supplies, and any followup services we provide is 2,500.  Plan on seeing us the day before surgery in the morning and after orchiectomy, staying at a nearby Hotel such as Daddy O or the Baltic, for 2 days before returning to Las Vegas. We’ll provide the notarized documents you mention before you leave gratis, so please verify your intended legal name.

With every best wish, you wish for yourself,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  | Miami

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