Orchiectomy for MTF patient

Dr. Reed,
I am 2 years into my transition and am seeking an orchiectomy grant.  You did a few friends of mine.  I have 2 letters of therapy clearance, one may have to be updated.

Like the idea of keeping the compressive dressing on for 2 to 3 days and taking a nice hot steamy shower when I get home.  Is there something special you can do for me?
on a stocking clerk’s salary?


Dear Jennifer,

Please consider all the excellent doctors out there that do orchiectomy.  I believe our fee is amongst the lowest, but I’ll do one better.  We’ll waive the consultation fee and give you a 10% discount, plus a $1000 discount off your vaginoplasty when you have that done with us. Or you may wish to consider our July promotion, MTF vaginoplasty grant for a surgical fee of $5,000.  How does that sound?

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Orchiectomy sponsor



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