Orchiectomy for Transsexuals

My name is Harriet and I live in Miami.  I am a transsexual in transition and am seeking a transsexual orchiectomy.  Could use some fee assistance for orchiectomy.  Have part time job and going to nursing school.

Dear Harriet,

Our approach for orchiectomy for transsexuals is to remove all of the spermatic cord to avoid that tootsie roll effect in your scrotum.  You don’t need that.  There is no additional charge for doing it right.  If you have an orchiectomy with us at our affordable fee of 2,500, we will offer you a 1000 credit towards you vaginoplasty later on.  We have vaginoplasty promotional offers.  Call Anne our amiable office manager.

Many a patient didn’t know our fees were so reasonable and decided to have it all done at once.  Your decision.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Orchiectomy Surgeon
The Reed Centre for Transsexual Surgery – Miami


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