Orchiectomy | Harold Reed M.D. | Male to Female

Dear Dr. Reed,  How soon can you get me on the schedule for an orchiectomy.  I have my 2 therapy letters and would like to get off the T-blocker spironolactone which make me feel weak. By the way I have been living as a woman for 5 years.


Dear Katia,

We do several male to female orchiectomies here every week.  In addition to the benefits you mentioned, and I know you are aware, there will be reduction of the scrotal bulge, and you can reduce estrogens by 1/3rd.  Addeitonally we will, give you a $1000 credit towards your future vaginoplasty with us.  How’s that?  Photos of our work can be seen on

Please call Anne at the office to initiate a consultation on the phone sand send us your letters, and we are on our way.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami
Orchiectomy | Harold Reed M.D. | Male to Female


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