Orchiectomy sponsor without long waiting list

Dr Reed,

What are your orchiectomy fees and what’s included.


Dear Lila.

Our published fee on is $2,500.
This includes surgery, use of the facility, nursing care, and any followup care we provide.  You will also receive a $1,000 credit to any future vaginoplasty you have with us.  When we do an orchecitomy we also remove the cord (tootsie roll).

Better yet consider our July promotion for vaginoplasty sponsor surgical fee of $5,000 which is close to what other doctors are charging for orchiectomy.

You have a friend in Bay Harbor Islands (greater Miami),

Harold M. Reed, M.D. FICS
Senior Member of the American Urological Association
Member Society of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons
Founding Member and Treasurer of American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons
Founding Member Sexual Society of North America
International Society for Sexual Medicine


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