Penile transplant

Urology Times, August 2016 Penile Transplant  (by Randy Dotinga) raises technical and ethical issues.

Donor procurement, a “very sensitive topic.”

A 64 year old man underwent the 15 hour operation, 2nd time in the world an Allograft has been used (penis from another donor).  Some of the issues raised include permission from donor’s family to remove penis from deceased for that purpose.  “The first penile transplant was performed in China in 2006, but the patient had it removed because the wife rejected it.  The second was done in South Africa in 2014.

Harvesting a graft from the thigh or leg is not acceptable to a patient whose income is dependent on manual labor.  However, I’ve seen grafts taken from the upper back and flaps done from the lower abdomen.  The Massachusetts General procedure required the services of 13 surgeons (7 attendings, 6 fellows and residents), and 30 people on the care giving team including anesthesiologists and nurses.

The likelihood of rejection is 15 to 18% in the first year.  Some patients may require an implant to regain sexual function,.  Reproductive function is not guaranteed and there are no plans to transplant testicles

In Africa the family of the donor requested that a phallus be created on the dead man’s pubis to replace the one msssing (removed)..


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


forearm graft

Forearm appearance after penile graft harvested


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