Phalloplasty patient requests Penile Implant| Dr. Harold M. Reed | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,    Had flap phalloplasty 2 years ago and seek penile implant?  What’s available?


Dear Donald,

Photos of penile implants can be seen on  You will see a semi-rigid and the rest are inflatables.  If your phallus is wide enough, we would suggest a paired implant which is normal for natal men as this will provide more girth and stability.  The incidence of complications for inflatables is twice as high as for natal men, but thus far by and large our patients are doing well. The advantage of an inflatable is you have a flaccid mode thus avoiding unwanted protrusion at rest.  You will have a pump in your neo-scrotum or lower labia to inflate the cylinders as needed with of course a deflate valve.  Or you may opt for a semi-rigid which when not in use is worn parallel to your inner thigh or upright retained against the pubis  by the waistband of your underwear.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Inflatables below:

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