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Dr. Reed, How do I prepare for Male to Female GRS surgery?  Natalya

Dear Natalya,

Preparation for your GRS *(male to female) is as important as selecting a qualified transgender surgeon. Reviewing well in advance your surgeon’s recommendations is very wise.  You wouldn’t take an exam without some preparation.  Your physician wants you to do very well after surgery and ultimately;become of a “poster girl” for his/her work.  Many of our patients are referred by others who have had surgery here or health care professionals who are impressed with what they see.. So that’s a special incentive for us to do our best.

First, initiate a consultation on the phone, so I can obtain a complete medical history to include but not limited to  allergies, bleeding tendency, current medications, prior surgery, review of systems, your height and weight.

We are looking for a BMI (basal metabolic index) that ranges between ideally between 23 and 29.  Patients who are not in that range usually respond in 3 ways, Yes, they’ll gain or lose weight as recommended, tor 2. they are in fact healthy, or lastly their internal body functions does not permit them to gain or lose weight.  What you should know is that a heavy torso weight can split a perineal incision, and that people with insufficient protein on board don’t heal as well.  Nor do overweight people heal well, as fat against fat, doesn’t have sufficient vascularity for optimal wound healing.

You should stop estrogens a month before surgery and spironolactone 2 weeks before surgery. Estrogens may produce a hyper-coagulable state with cardio[-vascular and pulmonary side effects, and spire interferes with blood pressure control during anesthesia.

Please study our electrolysis diagram as shown on   Try to have this completed a good month before surgery so ideally this skin is not inflamed and any regrowth can be easily removed.  Having vaginal hair with tugging isn’t all that much fun.

You will also need a female surrogate or friend in the room with you to help with ambulation, emptying your urine bag, getting food into the hotel room, etc. She should be present as well on the 7th post-op day when Dr. Reed shows you how to dilate as her perspective is better than yours, for assurance that you are doing it correctly.

Try to book your hotel directly as fees may be less and the opportunity for altering the dates of stay may be accomplished without penalty or holdbacks.

Medicine and herbs to avoid before surgery include aspirin and aspirin products, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E and gingko balboa.  Arnica montana, Bromelain, and vitamin C are recommended to promote wound healing and minimize bruising.

You will need some out of pocket items such as disposable bed protector pads, a ring pillow and thigh high anti-embolism stockings.

Hoping this is of help,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

vaginal hair

Vaginal hair on patient done abroad who had hair removal by scraping during her vaginoplasty



Reed Centre vaginoplasty patient who had electrolysis before surgery


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