Reed Centre Transgender Grant needed for military activist

Dear Dr. Reed,  Would like to apply for a transgender MTF grant.  I am a 38 Year old MTF and have been living as a Female full time for over three years now (minus work). The only kink I have is I am in the Military and will be leaving the Service very soon after 18 years of service. I am looking to Complete my SRS as soon as I can. I saw on the Internet that there are grants out there for transgendered people to complete their transition. I have had breast augmentation already in Tampa. I have also been on hormones for over four years. My family supports me and is happy that I have found and made my choice on what has truly made me complete and happy.
I am asking how would one apply for a Reed Centre transgender grant with you or whom may be able to provide help in the financial aspect of my process. I was hoping to maybe find enough in the way of grants to pay for all or even just a part of my SRS operation.
I am looking to become a public figure to promote and equal rights for ALL!!
I want to thank you for your time,

Dr. Reed,
Sorry for all the e-mails. Once again I have looked over your site, the before and after transgender pictures, and I do like what I have seen.

I am really impressed with your work on the appearance of the MTF pictures. I did have another Dr. in mind but have been talking to a few girlfriends here in the area that have had this done by him and all have some sort of issue some small and some serious.

I wanted to thank you once more and would like to see what can be done in the way of the grant. I am very interested in it and I will look into coming up with the rest of the money if granted this opportunity. I also would like to know what the cost might be for SRS? I did see a price on your website but was unsure what that was for.

I know this may not be the usual thing to do but I have attached a couple of picture of myself, family and friends so you can see what there is to work with. I also wanted to show that I am up front and honest with what I say and love my life as Lilianne. I do hope you can help in my journey to have my life put right the way it should be..  I look forward to my phone call monday to your office.

Again thank you for your time and the help that you have provided for us all.


Dear Lilianne,  You are gorgeous.  So you are already there except for below the waist gender affirmation vaginoplasty  Simply stated you need a cosmetic MTF vaginoplasty.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Example #3: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery - Vaginoplasty with lubricious vulva - 3/1

Vaginoplasty picture, patient of Dr. Reed

Vaginoplasty Picture, patient of Dr. Reed


Vaginoplasty patient of Dr. Reed, approachable either way

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