Removal of spermatic cord with MTF orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, My friend had an orchiectomy elsewhere and there is a cord like lump on either side.  Is this the spermatic cord and should it be removed?


Dear Natasha,

We euphemistically call this a “tootsie roll” and of course we always do a high ligation of the cord to remove it along with the testes on all our orchiectomies, wouldn’t think of doing it any other way.  This may result in a nubbin or lump in the groin for a few weeks until that area heals but when it dos, there should be no palpable lump anywhere.  As for now, they could be removed or should be later on if she progresses to vaginoplasty surgery.  Unforutnately another bruise and a few added moments of time.  We have also learned through experience that some Vicryl suture is very inflammatory, so we now use an improved form of Vicryl called Vicryl Plus that behaves a lot better.  Photos of orchiectomy patients are on our web-site

Have a happy Year,

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