Revision of Vaginoplasty Surgery

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Revision of work done elsewhere comprises about 20% of our cases.

Common reasons include unaesthetic scars, redundant labia, failure to provide a clitoral hood, penis like appearance of clitoris, elevation of urethral opening, inadequate vaginal access, loss of vaginal depth and width, and presence of a urethral spongiosum rest, the latter represents a bulge over the urethra which swells during arousal and impedes sexual penetration.

While a glimpse at even well taken photos with your critique will help to define your work list, pliability of tissue and the recommendation for the remedy can oly be made during an in office consultation.

Labiaplasty (applicable to those who have had surgery elsewhere): $3,000.

More complex revision requirements will be given individual consideration.

Example #13: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery (revision of work done elsewhere): Pre-op and post-op

Example #14: Labiaplasty (Male to Female) Revision of work done elsewhere.

Example #15: Vaginoplasty (Male to Female) 15/1-15/3
Patient presented with vaginal stenosis. Her depth was only 1 1/2″. This was recovered with a suburethral approach restoring the pelvic space, and allowing skin to epithelialize in. Her responsibility: frequent dilations to keep the space open for several weeks until new skin could re-line the vaginal vault.

Example #16: Labiaplasty (Male to Female) Revision of work done elsewhere

Example #17 (1-4): Vaginoplasty revision, clitoral revision. Two MTF patients done elsewhere with penile corona appear in the neo-clitoris





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