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Dear Dr. Reed,  Searching for a Transgender Orchiectomy surgeon your response to a few questions here, I am planning to call your office tomorrow to arrange for making appointment for orchiectomy in early January 2017.  I am impressed with your work as I have viewed your website and I feel that the general feedback from your past customers is also satisfactory.  I am in very good health and meet the requirements you have posted to me.   Having run my own business I realize that even one customer can cause problems for a business.   You came recommended from my therapist Dr. Carol Clark from Miami and I trust her judgement and her expertise.   So I have two concerns.    I am convinced that you are a qualified person to do my SRS surgery.   However, due to financial constraints at this time I would like to have you do an bilateral orchiectomy only at this time.  You post a cost of 2500.00   You sent me information on SRS but I did not get anything about Orchiectomy.    Hormones have been working very good for me and I have been feeling good.  However My doctor and I would like to be able to lower my spironolactone  to avoid unnecessary risks to my health.   My question is whether I have to stop hormone therapy for the orchiectomy procedure.  Is there a certain dosage that is allowed for that procedure.   I am on 200mg Spiro daily:  200mg Prometrium daily: 2 mg Estradiol daily.  The fourth med for me is 150mg Ranitidine which I use for acid reflux.  is There a separate health care info for the Orchiectomy if so, I would appreciate that as well.

My next question involves the significance of Orchiectomy for the Affirmation of my Gender in court and legal documents.   I live in the state of Wisconsin in the county of Manitowoc.  It seems that the court will approve a gender marker change on my birth certificate with verification of date of surgery a letter stating that surgery was completed, (permanent and irreversible.) those last two words use to are sometimes required especially for Social Security.  and that my gender change is from male to female.   I saw Social Security and they are giving me the hardest time.  The lady working went in the back room to talk to her manager and they laughed about me.   I live everyday as a female now.  These little episodes with people who don’t understand really make me eager to resolve this issue.   They want to see the word surgery from a surgeon letter and they even want details. I hope there is a way for you to write this letter that would qualify orchiectomy as sufficient surgery for female gender.   Based on Wisconsin Law I think it might actually be easier for me to change my birth certificate than Social Security Depending on how they interpret your letter so my goal is to update SSI but hopefully the birth certificate first.   The Judge I had in Manitowoc is very nice and understanding and upon seeing me in person he had no problem granting my name change to a female name, so they are just waiting for the paperwork saying I got the surgery.   Both you and know that the vagina part is alot about cosmetic look.  I do not feel that I should be kept from my gender affirmation just because everything doesn’t look normal down there yet.   I will stop babbling because I trust you know how to handle this.  I sure hope you can help me with that.  .  Have you written any letters for an orchiectomy patient in Wisconsin.  Do you believe that even orchiectomy should validate a persons gender change.   Is this a reasonable request?  I really do feel that I am already female and this road block in documentation brings me great anxiety and stress.  On the otherhand I am certainly very eager to have complete surgery but I cannot afford it now.   I personally feel that the orchiectomy will be major positive change for me even more important than a functioning vagina though ultimately that is my goal.

Please Respond   Thank you for your time, looking forward to having you as my surgeon. Celeste

Dear Celeste,

We have probably done about 3000 orchiectomies. You will be provided with 5 notarized letters (motor vehicle, birth certificate, passport, social security, etc… saying you have had irreversible gender altering surgery.  This usually satisfies every state  We have some before and after pictures on our web-site of patients who have had orchiectomy.

See  You’ll be able to tuck more easily, reduce your estrogens in general by a third, and stop spironolactone.  You’ll still have plenty of scrotal skin for a graft extension should that be needed for vaginal depth later on.

Happy Holidays,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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