Seeking Affordable Vaginoplasty, no E-mail, phone ?

Last night got calls from 2 different prospective patients seeking Affordable Vaginoplasty.  One who didn’t know his telephone number because it was a new cell phone and the other takes a 5 second pause to tell me his name, and doesn’t have an E-mail address.

We are happy to offer compassionate pricing but cannot converse with shy patients.  We try to pick up the phone on the first ring ad no prompts. Your having an E-mail address is essential because we need to exchange information such as Q and A, consents, photos, and  lab results instantaneously.  Before we can give you a compassionate price quote, we need to have some idea if you are even medically qualified to undergo Vaginoplasty.

Lots of general information can be found on our web-site including consents and before and after photos.

Let’s be helpful,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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