Seeking Vaginoplasty Revision

Dear Dr. Reed,

I am a male to female transgender woman  who undergone SRS in 2013 in Thailand.  I am attaching photos for you to review. I would appreciate if you could please tell me the possibilities to solve the problems I point out.

The revisions requested is in order of priority.

1. I am unhappy with the gaping opening: I would love if my labia majora were met as in “V” shape at the bottom going through SRS revision photos on your website, I would love to get an appearance of patient #15 and #16 under “Revision of Vaginoplasty Surgery

2. I am unhappy about the size of my clitoris. I find it penis-like and I feel as it sits rather high!

3. I also feel as I have lost some depth lately.

The points I am happy with it are: the pink area and the urethral functionality and the delicacy of labia minora.  Thank you in advance  Yours sincerely,  Niagara

Good afternoon Niagara,

The good news is the heavy lifting has already been done. Closing the vaginal introitus (opening) posteriorly involves a Y-V labiaplasty of the lower labia majora.

The clitoral reduction is accomplished by taking a wedge shape segment out from the underside and re-tubularizing it.. This should preserve orgasmic tendency.

Depth you may re-create on your own using proper dilators, or by undergoing a procedure which opens the pelvic space. Please be advised this can happen to any patient who does noit dilate a few times z day. In 2015 we published an article which I can E-mail you  Non-grafted Vaginal Depth Augmentation for Transgender
Atresia, Our Experience and Survey of Related Procedures  Aesth Plast Surg (2015) 39:733–744  DOI 10.1007/s00266-015-0523-7


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

vaginoplasty revision 15.1-3

Vaginoplasty Revision and Deepening Vaginal space

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