Sex change male to female

Dr. Reed, I have thought of myself as a woman since I was a child and am now 21 and would like a sex change male to female.   I hear that you have affordable fees and follow the patient daily for 7 days after surgery.  I have looked at your photos,

I live in Iowa but will travel to Miami.  Any recommendations?


Dear Jennifer,

We are sending you a “16 page” ;letter and at the end there is a check out
list should get you off to a good start.  Here is the list…

MTF SURGICAL CHECK OUT LIST (abbreviated for simplicity)

1.  2 Therapy Letters

2.  Medical clearance

3.  Blood work, Stress EKG, Chest X-ray

4.  STOP all Estrogens and Spironolactone as mentioned above, for all MTF surgical procedures including primary vaginoplasty, revisions, orchiectomy, etc. as mentioned in
# 20. “special pre-operative instructions”

5.  No aspirin/products

6.  Bromelain, Arnica Montana and vitamin C, pre-op and post op

7.  Ted Hose (thigh high anti embolism stockings), and underpads (CVS)

8.  Must stay at one of these 2 hotels… . We recommend Daddy O Hotel, 3 star. 305-868-4141
one block from our office, or Beach Place Miami.(305-866-3313)  Ask for a room on the ground floor.

9.  A female friend or loved one to stay with patient and be there on the 7th post op day when we show
you have to properly use dilators (vaginal stents).

10.  A physician to follow you when you return home

11.  Bowel prep

12.  Fax or mail Rx’s

13.  Stents (dilators)

14.  Electrolysis

15.  Ring (circular) pillow

16.  Cotton gown that buttons or snaps in the front

We would consider it a great honor to be looking after you and be assured we will show you every courtesy.

If our office may be of further service, please feel free
to call.

With best wishes for a
complete fulfillment of your goals,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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