Should I have hair removal (laser or electrolysis) before MTF sex change vaginoplasty?

Dr. Reed,  Seeking guidance on MTF vaginoplasty electrolysis.   I live in Minnesota and have difficulty finding someone who will do below the waist hair removal. I know you feel this is important.  If you can send me a diagram, That could be helpful.  If not, should I make a special trip out to you and have this done at your office.


Dear Mercy,

In a natal adult female there is no hair over the clitoral area.  Pubic hair growing in the vagina can cause a tugging sensation which is to say the least unpleasant and may be distracting for your partner as well.  We believe when hair is removed have it one with local anesthesia so higher settings can be used and there will be less chance of a regrowth.

A good electrologist should be able to do it all in 3 sessions or less.  Anne at our office can often do it in 2 sessions. By all means do not tell you they can do scraping during surgery as this is often disappointing.  Below is a lady done in the Orient. She had scraping and hair is growing out of he vagina.  Ideally this should be done a few months before surgery so any hair regrowth can be appreciated and dealt with, but also to allow any inflammation associated with electrolysis to subside before surgery.  I will admit we have done this a few days before surgery, and personally I have not seen any ill effects.

You may also check with a transgender support group in your locale, and see if they can recommend anybody.  Please see our after vaginoplasty photos of patients who have had MTF vaginoplasty, no pubic hair in the vulva.

Hoping this is of help,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Note: No hair growing over the clitoral area, and none in the perianal area.


Pubic hair growing out of the vagina in a patient who had scraping done



Dr. Reed’s recommended electrolysis diagram.  Note a pathway 1 inch wide around
the base of the penis (top, sides and bottom) should be devoid of hair.

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