Testimonial Miss GX

The Lovely Miss GX

Writes About Her Vaginoplasty / Labiaplasty (12/21/2004)

The Reed Centre – A synopsis of my SRS experience.

“I am writing this exactly 4 months post-op and one month after labiaplasty.

After extensive research and reading about my condition, it was now time. I knew it, and I was ready. But because my expectations were somewhat unrealistic (never had much surgery before), the surgery was not as easy and pain-free as I had expected. Luckily, the state of my readiness and the conviction of doing what was right for me, helped me through the first 7 to 10 days post-op. This is also when I was the most grateful that I had spent time with my therapist, sorting things out beforehand. This woud not have been a good time for doubts.

It seems everyone experience SRS differently, but for me the stitches pushing against my lower abdomen (which held my neo-vagina tight inside) were quite unwelcome. These stitches were necessary so I tolerated them for as long as I could, but digestion issues forced me to have them removed on the eight day. After that, everything became progressively easier and my life more rapidly returned normal. The urine catheter and the blood drainage bottle I needed to empty a few times a day, were also rather unpleasant. Getting out of bed twice a day to get to the bathroom was a major undertaking.

The relatively small amount of pain killers that I have used during the entire process was remarkable; a few shots at first and then mostly Tylenol. I used no painkiller after labiaplasty. Again, I know others experience this differently but in my case, I did not find worthwhile the stronger painkillers’ side effects in “covering up” pain, preferring to do the work myself since I didn’t consider them that helpful anyway.

Having the time and Knowing how to take care of myself, were decisively instrumental in my successful and virtually trouble-free recovery. This was a recurring theme for the next month to come. My readings, the guidance I have received, and the expertise of the wonderful team at the Reed Centre was quite helpful. From the caring nurse who took me trough the more difficult times of my first night, the experienced anesthesiologist, the supporting administrative and nursing staff, to Dr. Reed’s compassionate assistant and Dr. Reed’s indisputable knowledge and capable hands, the overall quality of care I have received was nothing short of excellent. The facilities were clean and surely more than adequate. Obviously not something I would like to do again but, knowing what I know now, I would not hesitate in going back to the Reed Centre.
I am now getting past recovery from labiaplasty (which by-the-way was comparatively very easy to do) and slowly discovering and enjoying the result of the entire production. I certainly look and feel surprisingly natural. I am moist and sensate, my urine flow is right (although this took a while and is still improving), and depth is comparable to my genetic female friends. But most of all, some of the biggest changes that have occurred are within my head. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence, and I now feel wonderful leading a more normal life.

So many thanks, the Reed Center has helped me in a way that I shall forever remain grateful.

I am also eternally indebted to my close friend who did such a good job catering to my needs and supported me with her gentle sense of humor”.