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Dear Dr. Reed,

Need Top Surgery. Am  FTM  (seeking bilateral breast reduction).  Live in South Florida.  Tired of wearing a binder.  I am about a C.  How cosmetic can you make it?  Saw your web-site  You did a friend of mine and talked highly of your staff and facility.  Also mentioned that there is no anesthesia or facility fee.  I yearn to walk on the beach as any man in swim trunks. Carney

Dear Carney,  All of the above.  After removal of the breast mass and some chest contouring, we will sit you up under anesthesia and be sure the nipple areolar grafts are placed symmetrically in accordance with your wishes.  Please call Anne our amiable office manager for a compassionate price.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  |  Miami

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