Transgender Breast Augmentation

Transgender breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to help feminize a male to female patient.  It can be done before or after vaginoplasty and for those seeking to assimilate in society as a female provides recognition as breast development is a typical and pleasing female attribute. Usually we advise this be done after “home grown” breast mass is maximized by a  properly adjusted estrogen regimen. If the end result, typically one size smaller than Mom or your sister is not adequate then implants can be placed.

We favor the infra-mammary and below the pectoralis muscle or dual plane approach although excellent results can be achieved with a peri-areolar, axillary or by some a trans-umbilical incision.

During the infra-mammary approach, the incision line will be below the infra-mammary fold, as insertion of the implants will lift the skin and the tell tale incision scar will be on the lower pole of the breast.  Dr. Tebbets has a formula for computing the “drop down” usually about 1/2 inch.

We respectfully suggest avoidance of overly large implants as with time, the breasts with droop necessitating a corrective procedure.  Also having lots of breast tissue under the axilla or merging at the midline is not wise nor normal.  Photographic examples of our work (befores and afters) are posted on our web-site

Harold M. Reed, M./D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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