Transgender Breast Augmentation

Dr. Reed, Should I have Breast Implants now  I have been living as a woman for 4 years.  I have been on estrogens for 6 months and have seen no noticeable size improvement  My estrogen levels are somewhat over 110 pg/ml.  I can increase them but would like to have implants much sooner.  Any ideas.   Rachel

Dear Rachel,

Ideally we would like to have your Breast Implants not much larger in width than your home grown breasts.  Howver, I have done patients who wish to move ahead or have “maxed out” in size and yet wish to be larger.  Normally your final result is one cup size smaller than your mother or sister.  .  Our approach is “under the muscle” or sub pectoral often called bi-plane approach.  This helps conceal the implant somewhat more than if placed directly under your existing breasts.  Looking back upon patients we have done, I have personally found the results acceptable and so have the patients.  Please see before and after photos of our breast implants shown on our web-site

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

1/1 - Before

Before Breast Implant

1/2 - After

After Breast Implant


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