Are Transgender Hormones needed for MTF Surgery?

Transgender Hormones Needed.  Fee Assistance for my MTF Surgery?

Felicia K
Genetic Gender: Male
Desire Surgery: Female – MTF
Hormones/Conversion: I have been on hormones about 10 years and full time for 9 years.
Specific Questions: 1. I am running low on hormones, are you able to prescribe? 2. Am I able to do a payment plan before the surgery?

Good morning Felicia,

We do hormones.  A letter of therapy clearance is required by a licensed
therapist with a doctoral degree.  Our fee is 250 for consultation, and 600
per year to follow you with needed lab tests, office visits, prescriptions,
counselling, numerous telephone calls, and medical records documentation.
The 600 fee is payable whenever you wish to start on hormones.
Lab tests are an out of pocket expense as is the medication.  We may
recommend a laboratory, but you can have them done at a nationally recognized
laboratory of your choice.

Yes, you’ll be happy to hear we are running a fee assistance program right now called the “first 16 in 2016”.  So far 9 positions have been granted, leaving 7. Do call Anne, our amiable office manager do more details.

Sincerely, and have a restful weekend,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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